CIVIL Revit Structure

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Introduction To BIM Modelling & Revit
Overview Of The Interface
Starting Project
Viewing Commands

Basic Sketching & Modify
Using General Sketching Tool
Editing Elements
Working With Basic Modifying Tool
Additional Modifying Tool

 Starting Structural Project
Linking And Importing CAD Files
Setting Up Levels
Copying And Monitoring Elements
Co-Ordinating Linked Models

Structural Grids & Columns
Adding Structural Grids
Placing Structural Columns

Modelling Walls
Adding Wall Footing
Creating Piers & Pilasters
Adding Isolated Footing

Structural Framing
Modelling Structural Framing
Modifying Structural Framing
Adding Trusses

Adding Structural Slabs
Modelling Structural Slabs
Creating Shaft Opening

Structural Reinforcement
Adding Rebar
Modifying Rebar
Reinforcing Walls , Floors & Slab

 Structural Analysis
Preparing Projects For Structural Analysis
Analytical Models
Placing Loads

 Structural Analysis
Preparing Projects For Structural Analysis
Analytical Models
Placing Loads

 Concrete Structure
Start A Structural Project
Create Foundation Element
Frame A Concrete Structure

Creating Construction Documents
Setting Up Sheets
Modifying Views On Sheets
Printing Sheets

Working With Dimensions
Working With Text
Adding Tags
Adding Detail Line & Symbols
Creating Legends

Creating Details
Setting Up Detail Views
Adding Detail Component
Annotating Detail

Structural Schedules
Graphical Column Schedules
Working With Schedules.

Our Faculty

Durga Dutt Dwivedi​

Chief Civil Engineer
Experience- 7 Yrs
Faculty For Revit Structure

Amruta Bhanegaonkar

Experience- 1 Yrs
Faculty For Revit Structure

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